Highlights: Scottish Highlands

We’ve just moved to California from Arizona, a move which became virtually all-consuming–four months since my last update–yikes!  Otherwise, I admit, I’ve spent most of my time and energy on my paid writing gigs rather than on updating this site–I think that’s a natural choice.  Time is scarce with three little ones!  It’s been fun but hectic settling in. The girls have started a new school here in Irvine, and seem to have acclimated fairly smoothly, which is a relief.

I wrote a couple of (similar) newspaper pieces about last summer’s trip to Scotland (Boston Globe & Vancouver Sun)–I’ll post them another time but I’ve provided links. There was so much that didn’t make it in, some places were edited out by the newspaper, others didn’t fit well into the article. I’ll try to post a few of them here and when I find some time, I hope to publish a few shorter travel pieces online/in print, we’ll see!

I LOVED this coffee spot–one of my favorite in the entire world. Former professional opera singer and self-professed coffee geek Craig Steele, hand roasts ethically sourced coffees and serves them in his tiny shop. It’s located just across  the Skye Bridge heading to the island ($2-$4). I loved the espresso–the hot chocolate was unforgettable.

My daughter’s face says it all.

juliette skye hot chocolate

Craig Steele and Mhairi Coogan brew espresso and mix hot chocolate in their shop on the Isle of Skye.


The Isle of Skye Coffee Roastery
Skye Bridge Service Station, Kyleakin side