Hot Chocolate in Paris

Charlotte, my 3-year-old, savoring a cup of hot chocolate in Paris, last December. Again I was reminded I should dress the girls in dark colors when we’re out and about. We were compelled by heavy rain to pop into the nearest café, but I’d recommend avoiding the tourist-laden cafés on Ave. de la Bourdonnais near […]

Book Release and Signing Event! April 26th, 5pm-7pm!

Book Release and Signing Event!

Katie Wilson, the owner of Garage Boutique for Kids, in Scottsdale, has graciously offered to host a book signing event for the release of Paris with Children! I’ll post an official invitation once I have it, but it’s open to everyone, so please come–the more the merrier! Award-winning bakery, Classic Cakes & Confections is also […]

Travel Necessity: Envirosax Bags

Travel Necessity: Envirosax Bags

I’m going to recycle some posts from my old site, There was no way to migrate them to the new website, but I’ll try to refresh the content here and there. Of course I’ll continue making new posts as well! I haven’t taken a trip in the last four years without one of these […]

Jardin du Luxembourg in December

Jardin du Luxembourg in December

We spent a lot of time in the parks around Paris, as always, this past December. Jardin du Luxembourg is probably my favorite in the city. It’s quintessential Paris with children; generations of families have strolled, played, and picnicked in this storied park. It’s the kind of place that tempts parents to consider relocating to […]

The Greatest Packing List of All Time

Packing Advice

En largo camino paja pesa. On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy. -Spanish proverb It’s packing time again–we (me, Matt and the girls) are off to Paris next week for work and play.  This packing list by Doug Dyment, comprehensive yet efficient, has forever been my favorite. If you’re traveling with specialized equipment […]