Virtual Paris with Children Book Tour continued...

Virtual Paris with Children Book Tour continued…

I apologize for my delay in posting these stops, but I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks with the book launch party and with the various pieces I’ve been working as part of the ‘tour’. The Guardian newspaper (UK) also asked me to write an article for them that is scheduled to appear May 11th. The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children will be released May 16th in the UK. I’ll post a link when it’s up.

One thing I’ve learned for the next time around is to book more time in between stops!

Review of Paris with Children from

“Paris is on our list of ‘must-visit’ destinations. Not only is it one of the most romantic cities in the world, rich with history, art and culture, it happens to be part of my husband and children’s lineage. Visiting Paris would be a trip of a lifetime for our family and it’s something we want to do while the kids are still young.

Traveling with children to an international destination requires research and preparation. Sights, eats, shopping, flights, everything about the trip needs to be researched beforehand to make the trip as easy as possible. I love travel guide books but they lack the family aspect that I’m looking for. There is no first-hand advice from a mom who’s “been there, done that”…..Read the rest HERE

10 Tips for traveling with your kids to Paris that I wrote for with Nadia Carriere (the publisher and writer of

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“Planning on traveling internationally with your kids? The planning process can be quite daunting! Travel guides, reviews and expert advice are your best friends! I recently had the chance to review Kim Horton Levesque’s new book The Little Bookroom Guide To Paris With Children.

Levesque is an expert on everything that is kid-friendly in Paris and has done extensive research while traveling throughout the city with her three daughters. Together they played tourists and scouted out the best places to play, eat and shop. If you are looking for the best way to give your children an incredible experience in Paris and insider tips on where to find a last minute babysitter, and the best places to purchase French children’s clothing, this book is for you! You can find our full review on where we dish on all the details.”…….Read the rest HERE

I also did a stop with author Barrie Kerper, The Collected Traveler. I loved her introduction:

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“Readers of my Paris book likely know of Kim Horton Levesque, who wrote an indispensable book called Pampered in Paris: A Guide to the Best Spas, Salons and Beauty Boutiques (The Little Bookroom, 2010) — I featured this terrific book under the ‘Spas’ entry in my A to Z Miscellany.  Kim’s been busy since that book was published, and her newest project is Paris With Children (also published by The Little Bookroom, one of my very favorite book publishers in the world).  I’m pleased and honored to participate in Kim’s official blog tour this season.

I know very well that Kim’s Pampered book took a lot of work, but Paris With Children took infinitely more, and Kim deserves a whole heap of praise for compiling such a book.  In the same way that I only recently began to appreciate how beneficial spas are for travelers, it was only when I read Kim’s new book that I discovered it isn’t just for travelers with children in tow.  There are so many great suggestions in this book for anyone who’s spending time in Paris.” Find the rest HERE